Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Atyrau engineering- humanitarian Institute has widely used advanced educational and methodological approaches to distance education for students in accordance with the instructional requirements of the Ministry of Education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. One of them is the” Platonus ” system. Students can contact him at any time. You don’t need a special computer or laptop to do this. Even if you have a mobile phone, this is enough.

AIS (Automatic Information System) at the Institute”Platonus”allows you to fully automate the processes of information distance learning technology ( is a personal account for each student and teacher.It provides an opportunity for each teacher to automate their main tasks ,and for each student to see and receive the necessary information from the Institute, remote students to instantly receive Control reports and cases.

The mobile application is also provided in the AIS system “Platonus”. Through the mobile application, the student has the opportunity to find out the grades, the results of border control and exams, i.e. the final grades in the discipline by visiting their page

To launch a mobile app, you must first select the application language. Then choose the type and name of the educational institution. By clicking on the login button, you will enter your personal username and password. The home page displays information about the student and the GPA score. You can select the log and tasks button by going to the menu section. By clicking the Log button, you will also get acquainted with the daily evaluation criteria. In the Tasks section, direct communication with teachers is established. Launched specifically for the student, this app helps you plan your learning system effectively.

All this is done at the Atyrau engineering – humanitarian Institute in order to ensure that students receive high-quality and effective remote education without any problems during the current pandemic.Thus, the teaching staff keeps the distance learning of students under strict control.

                                 AIGI press service.