Department of General Education

Department of «General Education Disciplines”
Teaching of all disciplines of the department is provided by competent qualified teachers, including doctors, candidates of sciences and masters.
The department sees its main tasks in giving students the amount of humanitarian knowledge necessary for a modern specialist, teaching him to think, consciously navigate in the world around and modern processes in the international and regional arenas, to educate a person with an active life position, a citizen of his country and a patriot. In addition, all the activities of the department are aimed at solving the tasks.
Matzhanova Mafruza Akhmetzhanovna-Head of the Department, Associate Professor, Candidate of Philology
Phone: 8(702)8072800

Bisekenova Alma Tusipovna-Associate Professor, Ph. D.
Phone: 8(775)8880956

Bozakhayeva Gulfairuz Kenzhegalievna-Senior Lecturer, master
Phone: 8(702)811171

Userbaeva Maksat Kamalovna – Senior lecturer, master
Phone: 87755957106
Zhubanov Bolat Dilmukhanovich-Teacher, master
Phone: 77020590494