On April 8, 2021, on the basis of the state social order of the Department of Religious Affairs of Atyrau region, in order to prevent religious extremism and terrorism, a meeting was held for students on the topic: ” modernization of spiritual values-a tool for preventing radical ideology”. Conversations at the meeting event were also conducted through the Zoom program in compliance with the requirements of pandemic quarantine.

At this event, the head of the Department of ” Information and analytical center” of the Regional Department of Religious Affairs Dauren Mukhambetaliyev, theologian of the cooperative religious fund “Zhardem-Atyrau ” Amangeldy Orazov and a member of the special operation “”Zhusan “”Perizat Yerkinbay told about the need not to go to the radical movements under the name of religion, to learn correctly, to serve the Motherland, the family, to benefit society, to contribute to the development of the state, the Kazakh country.”

Religious experts gave exhaustive answers to students ‘ questions.

                                                      AIGI press service.