Preparation for UNT/KTA (online)

Preparation for UNT/KTA (online)
The procedure for passing a trial online test in the subjects of the new format of the unified national test (UNT) in 2017 has been launched.
Testing will be conducted within the following subjects:
1 block:
1. Mathematical literacy – 20 tasks
2. Reading literacy – 20 tasks
3. History of Kazakhstan – 20 tasks
Block 2:
4. Profile subject 1-30 tasks
5. Profile subject 2-30 tasks

During the trial testing, the student has the opportunity to get acquainted with the test tasks used at the UNT and check the level of their knowledge in the selected subjects.
In accordance with the approved Price List for additional services during the test control of the level of knowledge in educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the cost of online trial testing is 260 tenge. Payment for testing is made through JSC “Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan” or branches of JSC “Kazpost” using the following details:
RSE “National Testing Center” of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan
010011 G. Astana, 60 Pobedy Ave.
PH 600300086081
BIN 000140001853
IIC KZ536010111000001515
KBE 16
Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan JSC
In the receipts, you must specify- “Payment for online trial testing”.
After payment, the receipts are handed over to the branches of the NTC. Employees of the branches register those who want to pass the online trial testing and issue passwords. After receiving the password for access, the student can test their knowledge on any computer with Internet access.
NCT branches are located in all regional and most district centers of the republic. A list of branches with addresses is provided on the NTC website.