Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs

Khassanova Zhamilyash Sadykovna

Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor

Vice-Rector for Educational and Methodological Work


1975 Guryev Pedagogical Institute with a degree in biology and chemistry teacher,

2002 Atyrau Engineering and Humanitarian Institute higher economic education, qualification economist

Work experience

1975-teacher of biology and chemistry at school No. 21 in Guryev.

1982-Inspector, Chief Specialist of the Regional Department of Education in Atyrau region

1992 senior lecturer, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy, Scientific secretary of the Dissertation Council for the defense of PhD theses, member of the Dissertation Council for the defense of Doctoral theses of the Atyrau State University named after H. Dosmukhamedov,

2005 Senior researcher, Candidate of the Eurasian National University named after L. N. Gumilyov,

2001-Vice-rector for educational and methodological work of the Atyrau Engineering and Humanitarian Institute.

1995-defense of the candidate’s dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences.

2009-defense of the doctoral dissertation for the degree of Doctor of pedagogical Sciences.

2010 by the decision of the Committee for control in education and science of RK awarded the academic title of associate Professor of the pedagogy.

Performs duties and responsibilities

Khassanova Zh.S. carries out more than 27 years by educational activities in the field of higher education.

Organizes the current and future planning of the activities of the structural divisions of the Institute.

Provides guidance and control over the preparation of all necessary documentation for the educational and methodological activities of the supervised units (program, methodological and scientific support, monitoring of orders, orders of the head).

Carries out the organization, methodological support of the educational process and control over its progress.

Carries out the selection of personnel, makes proposals on penalties and incentives for employees of the Institute.

Provides control over compliance with the requirements of legislative and other regulatory legal acts on______.

Prepares an annual report on the performance of _______. Carries out the activities provided for by the Charter of the Institute.

Organizes the work of the State attestation commission and the admissions committee.

The structure consists of:

Educational and methodological council

Department of Distance Learning Technology

Competence and Career Planning Center

Registrar’s Office

Department of Educational and Methodological Work

Department of quality management system and accreditation




Zhamilyash Sadykovna Khasanova-Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Professor of Pedagogy of the Innovative Educational Center of Dyuseldorf, Germany, member of the International Academic Council of the B. W. I. E. V. Association of Dyuseldorf, Germany.

She is the holder of a certificate on the problem of “Personal development”. When organizing pedagogical activities, she pays great attention to the productive structures of the educational process, the problems of business education in the Republic of Kazakhstan, individualization of training, critical thinking strategies, innovative teaching technologies, and aspects of ethno-pedagogical education in the Republic of Kazakhstan. With the assistance of Zh. S. Khasanova was for the first time in Atyrau region opened kindergartens in the Kazakh language learning and pre-school institutions for children with deviations in health.

She explores the problems of using interactive teaching methods, creating electronic textbooks, and introducing credit teaching technology. Carries out work on the development of modular curricula, programs and educational and methodological documentation on the problem of dual education.

Currently, Zh.S. Khasanova a scientific project is being implemented to introduce modular technology in the educational process of the university and college and the system of introducing dual education in college and university. The students trained by her are prize-winners of international Olympiads and competitions. The scientific work of the student FB Darkhambaev, under the scientific supervision of Zh.S. Khasanova, became the winner of the competition for the best scientific work “Scientists of the Future”, organized by the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Zhamilyash Sadykovna Khasanova is a member of the Scientific and Expert Council of the APK for the Atyrau region. In the course of her activities, she ensures systematic work to address issues of national unity, maintaining stability and harmony in a multi-ethnic society. Coordinates the work on current areas of state policy in the field of interethnic and interfaith relations. Conducts purposeful work on the coordination of research, information, educational and educational work in the field of state ethnopolitics.

Zhamilyash Sadykovna contributes to the work of the Scientific and Expert Council of the APK in research, educational, expert and analytical areas. Provides fruitful assistance to strengthen the role of the Assembly as a political and civil institution in the development of democracy, strengthening the integrity of Kazakhstan’s society, and achieving national harmony.  On a systematic and research basis, she works to coordinate the activities of universities, colleges and other educational institutions, to attract the scientific and intellectual potential of the region to the issues of preserving, strengthening and further developing interethnic and interfaith harmony.

Led by Khasanova Zh. S. Department of Assembly of people of Kazakhstan, Atyrau Engineering Humanitarian Institute has become a universal platform for discussing and solving issues for the study of interethnic and interfaith relations in the region.

She has 50 scientific publications, 2 monographs, 5 scientific and methodological manuals, and is the head of 4 research projects on the problem of modular technology of education in higher education institutions and colleges. Participant of the Republican Forum of Education Workers of the Republic of Kazakhstan.  Holder of the certificate on the problem of “Personal development”.

She took advanced training courses in Moscow, Almaty (1985, 1990, 1993), Germany (Dusseldorf), Malaysia, Cyprus, Hungary.


Badge ” Excellent Student of National Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan»

Badge ” Honorary Worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan»

Medal “20th anniversary of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan»

International Medal “Y.Altynsarin” Honorary certificates of the MES RK