Dear colleagues and researchers!
Portal of scientific conferences holds an international scientific and practical
conference «Science and innovation: news, problems and achievements», dedicated to the 1150th
anniversary of the outstanding thinker Аl-Farabi. We invite all students and scientists to the

The conference venue: «Bilim Innovations Group» center, Almaty city, Kazakhstan.
Date of the conference: April 29-30, 2020.
Acceptance of articles: until April 28, 2020.
Official languages of the conference: kazakh, russian, turkish and english.
Form of the conference: distantly (online).
The conference will include the following sections:
 Pedagogy and education;
 Humanities;
 Jurisprudence, military affairs and security;
 Natural sciences;
 Social sciences and economics;
 Branches of art history;
 Service sector;
 Engineering and technology;
 Agricultural sciences.
Requirements to format materials:
Materials should provide a clear concept on the character, content and results of the
conducted work by the author. The author is responsible for the content of the article and mistakes.

 Editor  Microsoft Word or Open Office Writer
 Page size  A4, page orientation – «book»
 Page setting  all margins – 20 mm.
 Font  Times New Roman
 Line spacing  1.0.
 Paragraph indentation  1,25sm
 Requirements for drawings, tables,
diagrams, formulas
 Formula should be typed using Microsoft Equation 3.0.
Tables, diagrams, pictures should be named and numerated
 Volume of materials  4-8 papers

A sample of an article:

 SRSTI (12 pt.)
(1 indent)
(1 indent)
Full name of authors (12 pt.)
Position, place of study or work, name of city or state
e-mail, phone number (10 pt.)
(1 indent)
Annotation: 50-100 word (12 pt.)
Keywords: аt least 5 words (12 pt.)
(1 indent)
Text (12 point)

References (12 point)

Requirements for the participants:
Participants of the conference must register on the portal and send an electronic
version of the report. The conference is held on a paid basis.

 Publication of materials for Kazakhstani authors in the conference proceedings
(A4 Format, each side or 1800 characters)
 Getting the electronic version of the conference proceedings  Free
 Receiving a paper version of the conference proceedings, including delivery
 Getting a registered certificate of a conference participant  Free
 Publication of materials in the collection of conferences for foreign authors  20 US dollar

Following the conference, a collection of materials will be published in 10th may,
participants will be awarded certificates. All articles published in the conference proceedings will
be posted electronically on the portal.
Detailed information is available on the – portal.
Address of the Steering committee:
«Bilim Innovations Group» сenter
Phone number: +7707-4929322

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