Decade events dedicated to the 28th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s independence

Decade events dedicated to the 28th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s independence


Atyrau Institute of Engineering and Humanities “Independence – the dream of the Eternal Land!” One of the most significant events of the Decade dedicated to the 28th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s independence on December 13, 2019 was a bow-hour dedicated to the 33rd anniversary of the December Uprising “The flag of independence flies from the December flame.”

The event was organized by the senior lecturer Sultanova Gaini Tokenovna and candidate of ethnopedagogical sciences, associate professor Utesheva Bayan Kapsalykovna under the leadership of the “Department of Foreign Languages” of the institute.

Witnesses to the December events, Kh. Lecturer of Atyrau State University named after Dosmukhamedov, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Professor Abdrakhmanova Zhumaziya Mazhitovna, Senior Lecturer of the Kazakh Language Department Nurasila Amangeldievna and Head of the Research Center of Atyrau State University, Doctor of Historical Sciences Akkali Akhmet shared their memories, shared interesting facts and answered questions. .

The events of December 1986 in Almaty were a vivid illustration of the struggle of the Kazakh youth for freedom, the last and largest step on the path of our people. This year marks the 33rd anniversary of the December events. These are unforgettable historical moments, we did not think that we would tell such memories, – said Zhumaziya Mazhitovna.

In general, it was the December events that shook the foundations of the USSR. The giant empire with its worms finally collapsed. Five years after the bloody events in Almaty, Kazakhstan declared its independence. Since then, our country has stood on its own two feet. It has become one of the leading countries in Central Asia.

On December 12, 1991, the Decree of the First President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev “On acquittal of citizens prosecuted for participation in the events of December 17-18, 1986 in Kazakhstan” acquitted citizens involved in the December events and brought to criminal, administrative and disciplinary responsibility. In addition, on the basis of this Decree, December 17 was declared the Day of Democratic Renewal of the Republic of Kazakhstan. We are proud that the students of the then Kazakh State University, ie the Kazakh State University, took part in the December events and contributed to the history of the Kazakh people, to bring Independence one step closer, – said Nursila Amangeldiyevna.

Akkali Ahmet, Doctor of Historical Sciences, said that with the establishment of independence, the history of Kazakhstan is being studied from a new angle, the country is undergoing a new democratic renewal and the country is recognized by the world.

Projector of the Atyrau Institute of Engineering and Humanities, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Jamilya Sadykovna Hasanova thanked the guests for coming to such an event and telling their touching stories.

“Participating in the December events and surviving is equal to courage and bravery. You, the young people of that time, showed courage and contributed to Independence and to the happy days we have today. Good luck, happy Independence Day of our country! – said Jamilya Sadykovna.

At the end of the evening, the Koran was commemorated in memory of the victims of the December events.